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The first Earth Summit of 1992, held in Rio de Janeiro, issued a document that is now famous as Agenda 21. This document refers to the Earth's life support systems, considering the whole of our planet as a grand intensive care unit which supports all forms of life (both natural and human engineered systems). The EOLSS is based on this concept and the above definition of 'life support systems'. Unlike most encyclopedias, the contents of which are alphabetically arranged, EOLSS has a thematic organization. It can almost be regarded as an 'encyclopedia of encyclopedias', presenting a wide range of major core subjects in a process of gradual development, from broad overview to great detail. Subjects covered include: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Biological, Physiological and Health sciences; Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Water Sciences and Engineering; Energy Sciences and Engineering; Biotechnology ; Tropical Biology and Conservation Management ; Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences; Control Systems, Robotics and Automation; Environmental and Ecological Sciences and Engineering; Food and Agricultural Sciences; Human Resources Policy and Management; Natural Resources Policy; Development and Economic Sciences; Regional Sustainable Development; Social Sciences and Humanities; Institutional and Infrastructural Resources. EOLSS is augmented and updated on a monthly basis.

EOLSS body of knowledge is also made available in the form of e-books in pdf format. Presently about 534 volumes  are ready and gradually this number will increase to ultimately capture the entire EOLSS-online body of knowledge in about 600 volumes. You can browse EOLSS Sample chaters as per url link and recent EOLSS Publications on

The EOLSS On-line has emerged as the largest and the most authoritative source of thematically organized current knowledge. Users will find the EOLSS On-line a convenient reference to help them in their chosen field of specialization and support their efforts in gaining a holistic understanding of many current problems through interdisciplinary subjects and transdisciplinary pathways forged across disciplines. The EOLSS On-line is rapidly becoming the most sought-after reference site in the world.

You can access EOLSS at Please click on 'Members Login' or Access for Institutions(for group) on the left pane  . When you get to the Search page, you may either browse the Table of Contents or perform a keyword search. EOLSS is augmented and updated on a monthly basis.


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